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5 reasons why you should eat cinnamon

Although cinnamon has become a household staple throughout the years, its fragrant and sweet taste reaches its popularity throughout the winter months.

Commonly used to enhance the sweetness of our favorite desserts, it is a little known fact that cinnamon also offers some amazing health benefits. Here´s the scoop:

5 reasons why you should continue to add cinnamon to your diet:

  • Very good source of manganese, which is necessary for healthy bone formation and skin structure.
  • Thanks to the essential oils contained in cinnamon, it qualifies as an “anti-microbial” food. Studies have shown the spice´s ability to help stop the growth of unwanted bacteria as well as fungi.
  • My favorite is that cinnamon actually helps our body control blood sugar in two ways: it slows the rate at which our stomach empties after a meals and last but definitely not least: it helps cells use blood sugar, thus decreasing the level in our blood.
  • The consumption and even just the smell of cinnamon helps boost brain activity! (pass those cinnamon rolls!)
  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, cinnamon is used in combination with ginger to help soothe the body and warm it from the inside out during cold winter months.


In addition, selecting organic cinnamon will ensure that you get the highest nutrient content out of the spice which in turn will provide more health benefits.








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