8 Super Tasty Local & Gluten Free Desserts

A gluten intolerance or allergy doesn’t mean you should go without a sweet treat every once in a while. Spud carries an arsenal of locally produced gluten free desserts, with eight of our favourites  featured below.

Since it’s Monday, we figure we can get away with snacking on a few gluten free pecan tartlets before lunch!


8 Super Tasty Local & Gluten Free Desserts At SPUD

By SPUD.ca

Just because you have a gluten allergy or a gluten intolerance doesn't mean you should have to go without a tasty dessert! SPUD carries many gluten free desserts, with some also being organic.

  • Gluten Free Vegan Local Chocolate Cupcakes

    By SPUD.ca

    Healthier than your average cupcake, and free of any animal products. $13.99 for 6 cupcakes.

  • Gluten Free Local Party Pants Cookies

    By SPUD.ca

    Kid friendly cookies with fun pink icing and sprinkles, made locally in Vancouver. $11.99 for 6 cookies. 

  • Gluten Free Local Peanut Butter Cookies

    By SPUD.ca

    Made with all natural peanut butter, these are the choice for peanut fans! Made in Vancouver. $11.99 for 6 cookies.

  • Gluten Free Local Brownies

    By SPUD.ca

    Chocolate brownies baked with pecans and chocolate chips, the ultimate in treats. $9.99 for 6 brownies.

  • Gluten Free Local Chocolate Pecan Loaf

    By SPUD.ca

    Calling all gluten intolerant chocolate lovers! This chocolatey pecan loaf is made locally in Vancouver. $11.99 for a loaf.

  • Gluten Free Local Lemon Bars

    By SPUD.ca

    Tangy and sweet, these lemon bars are perfect for those that love a bit of sour with their sweet. Made in Vancouver. $13.99 for 6 bars.

  • Gluten Free Local NY Cheesecake

    By SPUD.ca

    A baked New York cheesecake with a graham cracker crust that is one of our favourites. Made in Vancouver. $17.99 for 6 cheesecakes.

  • Gluten Free Local 4" Pecan Tartlets

    By SPUD.ca

    A delicious gluten free tartlet willed with pecans. Made in Vancouver. $18.99 for 6 tartlets.

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