A Butcher that Really Cares: Two Rivers Meats.

At Two Rivers Specialty Meats our focus is on locally sourcing the best products that are naturally and sustainably raised. Sustainability practices can vary from farm to farm – from growing the animals’ feed directly on the farm where the animals are raised, using the animals’ waste as fertilizer for the feed, to intensive pasturing. Intensive pasturing is the practice of moving herds frequently to prevent overgrazing, soil erosion, and to promote soil fertility. This naturally reduces the need for chemical inputs and mechanization in farming practices. We source our products from farms that have created the best solutions for their specific environment and species.


An environmental aspect that all of our partner farms share is that they are locally based making travel time for the animals as short as possible. Transporting food long distances uses a tremendous amount of energy so sourcing food locally reduces the use of fossil fuels and generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, our partner farms do not use antibiotics in the animals’ feed. The waste caused by excessive use of antibiotics pollutes the environment and encourages the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


But our emphasis on reducing waste doesn’t end once the product arrives through our doors. Recycling, re-using (boxes), and reducing waste are a high priority in the warehouse and a big part of our culture here at Two Rivers. The less we send to the landfill, the better.


We do our best to utilize as much of the animal as possible, believing that only processing the most popular cuts of meat and discarding the rest is disrespectful and destructive to the animal and to the environment. We are creative and careful in our butchery and product development, and what unusable product is left – such as unsellable pieces of fat and bone – is composted or rendered down.


In the warehouse we recycle all paper products, cardboard, soft plastic and industrial plastic. We also work with a waste collector who is able to compost our wax-lined boxes. In the past this material had to go directly to landfill, so it’s a fantastic development that we are able to compost it.


We’re always looking for new ways to improve our processes and procedures to reduce our impact on the environment and we love partnering with other businesses like Spud that do the same.



Check out our Two Rivers Meat selection in Spud Vancouver and Spud Victoria.

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