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Some of your amazing #LetsNotWaste contest entries!

Here some of your amazing #LetsNotWaste contest entries! Our contest is open until March 31st, so keep on submitting those entries (see contest details)! 


My first SPUD delivery and I am so stoked about it!! I am currently reading ‘Unprocessed’ by Megan Kimble and she talks about the power people have in choosing where they spend their money. Buying local and organic has a direct impact on the economy and the environment. Plus ordering online made me think about what I was buying, therefore I didn’t buy any impulse items! Trying to consciously not buy things that I don’t need this year. Another bonus.. It was delivered to my door for freeeee#LETSNOTWASTE



“Don’t rush to flush!” That’s our new household mantra! Unless its number twosies of course! We’re back peddling after nagging my son to flush the loo for the last 3 years:) Canadian loos mostly don’t have the half flush function like in Australia. And even though we don’t ‘pay’ for water here in BC, Canada, of course we absolutely DO pay. Let’s all do something to stop the waste. Thank you @spuddelivers for setting the example on how businesses should be run.



So proud of@cometskateboards right now. The board is made from 100% upcycled skateboards and the shirt thanks to @recoverbrands is made from 100% recycled apparel. Two amazing functional items that are made from 100% waste product. We are trying to take sustainable seriously and that makes me very happy. Thanks@inkyinkyinky and @jasonsalfi for the amazing box!#letsnotwaste



After countless jars of homemade almond milk, we have finally perfected our granola made from the leftover almond pulp. #letsnotwaste@spuddelivers. We believe in a closed loop system in our house and in our business. Thank you @nuthutorganics for our organic, raw, sustainable nuts!



This week’s winner of our weekly prize:

Enjoying outdoors as entertainment rather than something more wasteful like shopping #letsnotwaste



Beet greens almost ready to add to a delicious salad. And garlic chive is a delicious seasoning. All leftovers from my@spuddelivers #letsnotwaste



No waste in my house! Regrowing little buds. The shoots are so cute!



I meal plan to avoid food waste #letsnotwasteHere’s more great tips from @melissagabbs



The great thing about getting a scheduled #weekly#organic #produce #delivery is that once a week I must #cleanoutthefridge! Anything that’s still hanging around turns into #soup. The #containers get washed and we start again! Sticking to this #routine means less waste! #letsnotwaste #SPUD



Because I live in a condo, I’ve taken up indoor composting to reduce my food waste! #letsnotwaste



The start of something wonderful! Dehydrated veggie chips using kale, sweet potato, parsnips and beets. Instead of throwing out vegetables that have lost their firmness I am making them into a healthy snack! #letsnotwaste



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