With each new year comes a new crop of food trends. Forget the bone broth and smoothie bowl trends of 2016, and the harissa and millet of 2015. And remember when we were all about toast in 2014? Me neither. But some of this year’s trends are sure have more lasting power, right? I guess we’ll see in 2018. For now, focus on getting super excited about your new favourite foods:

1. Buddha Bowls

As far as I can tell, Buddha bowls are essentially salads with veggies, protein and grains, but arranged in an Instagram-friendly way. No shade though, that sounds like a solid meal. Hopefully we’ll still be able to eat salads in bowls in 2018. Fingers crossed.

2. Alternatives to Olive Oil

This is just common sense, isn’t it? Different oils for different purposes. Right now it looks like grapeseed is gunning for oil of the year, but have you ever tried walnut oil? You won’t be disappointed.

3. Fermented and Pickled Food

I feel like this one has actually been a trend for awhile – like since the Neolithic Age – but I’m not going argue with anything that means bringing more sauerkraut and kimchi into the world. Fermented foods are full of gut-health-promoting probiotics, so this is definitely one of the food trends we can get behind.

4. No Food Waste

We’ve been gassing on about food waste for years, so hopefully this is less of a trend and more of a growing realization that things need to change. I can’t really imagine we’ll go back to thinking that wasting food is swell, but who’s to say what 2018 will bring?

5. Purple Food

I totally get this, because purple vegetables are so dramatic and unexpected on the plate, you can’t help but get excited. Mashed potatoes? Fine. Mashed PURPLE potatoes? What are we celebrating with this vibrant treat!? And, of course, each different coloured veggie has different health properties, so I hope purple food doesn’t fall completely out of fashion after this year. Goodbye zeaxanthin and resveratrol, we’ll miss you!


What food trends do you wish would stick around forever, and what are you hoping will go the way of the cronut? (Wait, is that still a thing?

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