Did you know that Spud offers a fundraising program for schools and groups? When your supporters buy organic fruit & veggie boxes, you earn 25% back for your group. It’s deliciously simple and a great way to promote healthy eating!

Here’s how it works

  1. You get the word out about your fundraiser to friends, family, neighbours and colleagues
  2. Your supporters sign up for a Spud account and order any produce box listed on the Spud Fundraising page: www.spud.ca/fundraising
  3. At checkout, they use the promo code FUNDRAISING and select your group
  4. We deliver your supporters’ orders directly to their front door
  5. You get 25% of all produce box purchases!

Fruit & veggie boxes range in price and size to suit all budgets and households. There is something for everyone! You can order just once or as often as you like, and every time you do you contribute 25% to your fundraiser.

Sign-up is super quick and easy, and all you have to do is promote the program. We will do the heavy lifting, including handling payment and delivering boxes! To make things even easier, we’ll send you handouts, posters, and resources to promote the program.

Want more information about Spud Fundraising? Contact your local fundraising lead:
Hannah Wilson, Spud Calgary – hannah@spud.com
Heather Mowat, Spud Edmonton – heather@spud.com

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