7 Healthy On-The-Go Breakfasts To Keep You Full ‘Til Lunch

Has anybody else ever experienced a mysterious case of the mid-morning hunger pang? It creeps up on you–you feel like you just had breakfast, but you may as well have been starving for days if this sudden feeling of ‘hanger’ is any indication. You find yourself rifling through your lunch trying to decide if you can justify eating half of your sandwich now, or if it’s time for that apple yet.

Well, the issue is actually not so mysterious. The breakfast you’re eating is likely the problem. Like any meal, a balanced breakfast that includes fibre and protein is important in terms of tiding you over until your next meal. Many of us are more productive when we eat breakfast, and for me, I know that when I eat a good breakfast, the stage is set for healthy decisions all day. Work these recipes into your breakfast routine to help you coast through without snacking until lunch!

1. Almond butter, banana, and whole wheat toast.

Decorating a piece of toast is a classic breakfast staple–but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it if you are looking to retain a good amount of energy until lunch. First make sure you’re choosing whole wheat bread; white bread will metabolize the way that sugar does. Whole wheat is filled with complex carbohydrates and fibre that will help keep you feeling full. Top up with some protein-rich almond butter, and a banana for a hint of sweetness and a burst of potassium.  

2. Avocado toast.

Another healthy way to dress up your toast, and Instagram friendly! Avocados contain more potassium than bananas, and are loaded with heart-healthy fats and fibre, which help to lower cholesterol levels. Smash half an avocado onto a piece of whole wheat toast, then sprinkle some ground salt and pepper to taste. Still hungry? Try pairing this with a boiled egg!

3. Chia pudding.

Chia seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, and are protein powerhouses. For a great grab-and-go breakfast in the morning, make one portion serving of chia pudding the night before. There are so many delicious spins on chia pudding out there, so get creative with add-ins and toppings. To start, check out these 5 tasty chia pudding recipes!

4. Sweet potato and black bean breakfast burritos.

Pre-making a big batch of sweet potato and black bean breakfast burritos is great for those who love a hearty, savoury breakfast in the morning, but are short on time. The fibre of the sweet potatoes and the protein in the black beans are sure to keep you feeling full until lunchtime. Make a big batch on Sunday night, then freeze and reheat them in the morning!


overnight oats


5. Overnight oats.

Oats are incredibly beneficial to heart health, as they contain beta-glucan, a type of fibre that’s been shown to help lower cholesterol when eaten regularly. Oats are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and potassium! For overnight oats, Instead of cooking your oats on the stove or in the microwave, mix rolled oats with milk (cow, almond, coconut–you choose!), and add other mix-ins like fruit and nuts. In the morning, you have a pudding-like porridge that is perfect for easy grab-and-go breakfasts. Check out these 5 overnight oat recipes!

6. Zucchini bread oatmeal with wheat germ.

Want to work some veggies into your breakfast? Prepare your oatmeal as you normally would, then grate some zucchini on top–the texture will mimic zucchini bread! And if you’re feeling especially healthy, try adding some wheat germ. Just two tablespoons provide about 15% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin E, and 10% of your daily folate. Many of us don’t get enough vitamin E, so why not get a head start at breakfast?

7. Greek yoghurt and fruit smoothie with flax.

I love a good smoothie in the morning, but I find that I need to be mindful about how sugary it can get. Choosing low sugar fruits, like berries (also great antioxidants), and unsweetened milks and yoghurts, will ensure that you’re not consuming so much sugar that you end up feeling tired. I also like to bulk up my smoothies by adding protein-rich greek yoghurt, ground flax seeds (just two tablespoons contain more than 100% of your daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids), and–if you’re really feeling it–wheat germ! I also find it super easy to sneak in a handful of greens, while still retaining a mostly fruity taste.


So there you have it, a protein-packed breakfast for every day of the week! Try these out, and let us know how they work for you. It’d also be great to swap tips. What are your favourite go-to breakfasts to keep you feeling full?


almond butter and banana on toast



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