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Summer’s in full swing now, so you’re probably spending a ton of time outside. Whether it’s camping trips, days at the beach, picnics, outdoor festivals, hikes, or even just strolls around your neighbourhood, summer is the time to take advantage of the great outdoors.

However, amidst all of these wonderfully summer-esque activities, a nuisance looms: mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are the pesky summer staple that seem to pervade the most pleasant summer activities we enjoy. To me, the smell of bug spray is strangely nostalgic. But perhaps that is because you never forget that choking feeling that is experienced when dousing yourself in a cloud of drug-store bug spray. Most of these sprays contain DEET, an ingredient found in many products used to ward off mosquitos and other pests. In small doses, it has been declared safe to use. But studies have also shown that DEET can cause harmful effects on brain cells if we receive too much exposure – so why risk it?

As an alternative, many natural replacements for the DEET ridden repellents include apple cider vinegar. Mosquitoes dislike the smell and taste of the vinegar, and will leave you alone so you can enjoy your BBQ. So if you’re interested in seeking a natural insect repellent, try out this recipe which uses apple cider vinegar as a base!

What you’ll need

Fill your spray bottle with half water, and half apple cider vinegar. Then mix 10-15 drops of whichever oils you’re working with. Then voila! A fresher, nicer smelling, and less toxic alternative to keep the pests away. Coincidentally, you can also use this spray to treat and soothe existing mosquito bites. This recipe is easy to assemble, cheap to make, and smells great.

What are your favourite ways to ward off mosquitoes?

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