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Did you know that SPUD’s fundraising program can help you raise funds for your school, favourite NGO, or community group?

If your cause could use a little extra pocket money, SPUD Fundraising offers you the opportunity to raise funds, while supporting a local, sustainable business, and promoting healthy eating! Since 2015, our fundraising program has helped over 140 schools, community groups, teams, and individuals raise thousands of dollars. We love being able to support your community projects, and provide you with everything you need to make it easy as possible for your fundraiser to succeed.  

Depending on your needs, we have 3 different fundraising options to choose from:

Organic Produce Boxes

Encourage your community to stay stocked with fruit and veggies, while also raising funds for your cause! After your community group has been signed up, you will be given a code that will allow you to receive 25% of the profits when someone goes to purchase a produce box off of the fundraising page. Our program offers a variety of produce box options to accommodate different households—and everything is delivered for free.

Signing up friends, family, your workplace, and your own household for produce boxes helps promote health and wellness while also raising funds for your cause. 

Check out our produce box fundraising page

Gift Cards

SPUD gift cards are a quick and easy way to spread the joy of healthy living, while also supporting your group’s fundraiser. Every time you purchase a SPUD gift card through this page, 10% is donated to the group of your choice.
At no extra cost, regular SPUD customers who purchase our fundraising gift certificates are able to raise money for their causes simply through purchasing fundraising gift certificates while grocery shopping!

Check out our fundraising gift card page

Lunches and Smoothies Program

Similar to a good ol’ hot dog or pizza day, SPUD offers healthy school lunch options that are tasty and fun for kids. This program can operate as part of a fundraiser, or simply as a convenient day off to the busy parents out there packing lunches. We can bring in full lunches, or just smoothies. Our menu is developed by holistic nutritionists, caters to students with special dietary needs, and is also entirely  nut-free.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

“SPUD’s produce box fundraiser has allowed us to raise hundreds of dollars to fund our international tour, while keeping our dancers fuelled with organic produce!” – Cynthia, Arts Umbrella Dance Company

“My competitive curling team raises $175 each month from fruit orders my office places. This simple gesture is keeping my coworkers fueled and healthy while helping my curling team compete to our full advantage.” – Trysta, Team Thompson

“I’ve contributed over $100 to my daughter’s school in just four months by ordering my produce from And it’s delivered!” – Sheila, General Gordon Elementary, Vancouver

“This week, Alive2Thrive is hosting a wellness retreat for young adults who have faced cancer. SPUD Fundraising helped us buy beautiful organic produce to feed us at the retreat!” – Ciera, Alive2Thrive

“I’m so excited about the new gift card fundraising option! Now I can support my daughter’s dance school with all of my grocery purchases.” – Annabelle, Sooke Dance Studio Performance Company, Vancouver Island

“We’re off to a great start with SPUD’s new gift card fundraiser. We raised $150 the first month, while bringing local & organic options to our community.”  – Fiona, Squamish Montessori


To sign up, or learn more about any of our fundraising options, please email We can’t wait to get you started!


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