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Hosting a gathering can be stressful, especially when you can’t decide what to serve. Appetizers are a key staple in any gathering that involves food. If you’re doing a dinner, you’re probably serving appetizers. If you’re not serving a full dinner, it could be nice to at least serve a few appetizers. But what are the best appetizers of the year–especially in the realm of all of vegan and gluten-free friends and family members we have now?

Consider the following recipes as your holiday appetizer tool kit, as this list includes vegan, gluten-free, and kid-friendly options. They’re all delicious, and they’ll all receive the ‘ooh, what’s this?’ response from your guests, as they eagerly prepare their napkins. The holidays can be chaotic, so don’t go in unarmed without a plan.

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

A quick and easy appetizer that will get gobbled up quick, and won’t necessarily ruin your guests’ appetites. The richness of the prosciutto is the perfect complement to the crispiness of lightly pan-fried asparagus.

Herbed Garlic and Mozzarella Pull-Apart Bread

A steamy loaf of cheesy, garlic-filled, pull-apart bread is the no nonsense appetizer that is always appreciated by everyone, especially kids. If you’ve got celiac guests, opt for a gluten-free loaf, so that everyone can grab a few pieces of this carb-y goodness while it’s still hot!

Spice-Roasted Cauliflower with Pine Nuts and Tahini Drizzle

This is the perfect appetizer to serve if you’re hosting vegans, or guests with a gluten-intolerance. It’s healthy, looks great in the serving dish, and it’s packed with flavour. Cauliflower absorbs the spice blend, as well the pine nuts and tahini dressing, making for a deeply satisfying, yet still relatively light appetizer.

Baked Brie with Mushroom and Thyme

Baked Brie wins every time, but you’ll surprise your guests with this non-traditional version of the old-favourite. Could you turn down a little piece of baguette topped with soft and buttery mushrooms, gooey Brie cheese, wine marinade, and a herby thyme finish? I couldn’t.

Roasted Endive with Walnut Vinaigrette

To me, endive is always an impressive choice, and I always attribute serious classiness to anyone who serves them. In this recipe, the endives are brushed with olive oil, roasted, then topped with a full-bodied walnut vinaigrette. A perfect finger food that everyone can enjoy.

This is our foolproof appetizer list, but what’s yours? Let us know what your go-to appetizers are over the holidays! Happy cooking, everyone!


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