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Did you know that food waste is a serious issue all over the world, especially in Canada?  

This is because we have gotten used to the idea that produce should be the perfect size, the perfect colour, and free of any nicks or scratches. We’ve grown to expect perfection every time. But whether you’re a grower, a seller, or a customer, these standards result in a ton of perfectly good fruits and vegetables being tossed into the garbage simply because they look a little wonky.


We want to be a part of the solution to reducing food waste, which is why we are so excited to officially launch our imperfect produce line to show our customers and our community that imperfect is still perfectly usable, and it’s certainly just as nutritious and delicious. Starting today, you can shop our imperfect produce that is sold at a discounted price, and still contains all of the same healthy goodness as the ‘perfect’ stuff. Pretty sweet deal, huh? Join the food revolution and start enjoying these imperfections today!



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