Our nasal passages are one of the very first defences against harmful particles or illnesses, so it’s important to keep them clean and healthy. One popular method derived from ancient Ayurvedic practice, called Neti, has been particularly helpful in clearing nasal passages. Those who live with sinus symptoms—whether from allergies, irritants, or surgery—have cited Neti pots as a reliable and effective nasal irrigation device to relieve those symptoms.

How does the Neti pot work?

This ancient method has been attributed many beneficial effects beyond physiological ones: mind, personality, and even clairvoyance. The only items required are the Neti pot and isotonic salt water that’s been sterilised and cooled to a warm temperature. The Neti pot thins out the mucous and the saline solution allows the tiny hair follicles, cilia, to increase the speed of eliminating mucous. A clean lining of cilia means that they’ll be much more coordinated and effective in repelling and removing any irritants!

How to use the Neti pot.

While every Neti pot might come with slightly different instructions, the guidelines are generally the same and interchangeable.

  1. Mix ¼ teaspoon of non-iodized fine salt with 8oz warm water that’s been boiled and cooled to a pleasant temperature. Important: the water must be boiled or distilled to ensure that you don’t get brain parasites.
  2. Pour the saline solution into the Neti pot.
  3. Tilting your head to one side, insert the nozzle of the Neti pot into the upper nostril while breathing through your mouth. It’s easiest to do this over a sink to catch the dripping.
  4. After you’ve emptied the pot, blow through your nostrils and dry off any excess mucous or water.
  5. Clean out the pot with soap and warm water. Do not share the pot with anyone! Treat it as you would your toothbrush. Repeat the process daily or every other day along with your hygiene routine.

A lot of people swear by these Neti pots. If you have any sinus problems or just in need of a cleanse, these might just change your life. Have you tried them? Share with us your thoughts.


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