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Who’s tried  (or even heard of) a peanut butter burger?

According to the internet, it is “a thing”, but it was not until Anthony, our director of purchasing, advocated for the odd combo that I gave it any consideration. Anthony is well regarded around SPUD headquarters as an expert on – well – everything, TBH, but especially anything food-related. Which, I mean, is good news, considering his job. But it also means that I’d give credence to his opinion on this kind of thing over most other people.

So, I tried it. The recipe on our website is for a vegan version of this bizarre dish, calling for veggie patties, vegan shredded cheese, bacon flavoured chips, deep fried jalapenos, burger buns, and peanut butter. Oh, and optional banana slices. Why not. Lacking the will to bread and deep fry jalapenos, and disliking the flavour of bacon (come at me), I decided to sub in peperoncini-flavoured potato chips to kill two birds with one stone. So I fried up the burgers, topped them with Daiya mozzarella-style shreds and popped them in a warm oven until the “cheese” melted. I tossed the buns in there too to get a little toasty. Once they were nicely crispy, I pulled the buns out and slathered both sides with crunchy peanut butter and vegan mayo to keep it from being too dry. I put a pile of pepperoncini chips on the bottom bun, topped it with the melty burger, threw some arugula on top and added the top bun. Time for the moment of truth.

They were actually really really good. The spiciness of the chips combined with the peanut butter to impart an almost Asian peanut sauce flavour to the burger, which was delicious. I think the addition of a little hot sauce could also amp it up in a nice way.

TL;DR: Peanut butter is good on burgers.



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