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Hallowe’en doesn’t have to be all about the sweets! For those of you with less of a sweet tooth who want a spooky snack, this ghostly pizza is perfect.

Just use a frozen or premade pizza crust and jarred sauce to make it as quick and easy as possible. Cover the crust with sauce, leaving the edges bare, and top with whatever meat and veggies you like. I’d recommend keeping it pretty plain, so the ghosts really stand out.

Slice some cheese (non-dairy like Chau or Daiya works too) and cut it into little ghosts with a cookie cutter or a knife (although if you don’t have a ghost cookie cutter, you may want to re-evaluate your life choices). Since they’re melting anyway, the shape doesn’t need to be perfect. Everyone knows ghosts don’t have a flawless outline.

Use sliced black olives for the ghosts’ mouth and eyes. If you don’t like black olives, be creative! Little red pepper slivers would make cute ghost smiles too. Once your ghosts have faces, bake according to the crust’s instructions.

When you remove your pizzas from the oven, make sure you let it cool a bit before eating. Otherwise your cheese ghosts will be haunting the roof of your mouth all week.



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