At Spud, our mission is to support local and highlight sustainability to connect you with clean, bountiful, and nourishing food. We build relationships with vendors and farmers–people we trust–and the same goes for our ambassadors. Our ambassadors are our family. They are champions who breathe our like-minded values throughout their own lives. These mindful eaters and educated consumers nourish our community by providing their ways by supporting localism and eating healthy.

The month of February is heart-healthy month. shared tips on how to keep your heart healthy and pumping.  As we all know food has a beautiful way of connecting and bringing people together.

We asked our ambassadors to reflect on a recipe that fuels their heart, and then we gathered around the dinner table to share. Through this, we were able to provide delicious, nutritious, heart-healthy recipes for you. Whether you’re looking for an easy appetizer, a side dish, and filling entree, or a tasty dessert, these recipes will make sure your heart is getting all the love!

Our Ambassadors’ #SpudHAPPYHEART Recipes:

Shira McDermott of GRAIN and in pursuit of more:

Wheat Berry Chickpea Salad

Farro Breakfast Bowl

Catherine Roscoe Barr of The Life Delicious:

Sundried Tomato and Walnut Pesto

Jennifer Brott of My Edible Advice:

Carrot Cake

Sisley Killam of The Pure Life:

Smoothie Bowl


Additionally, check out our friend Kate, who also provided us with a delicious heart-healthy dessert recipe.

Kate Horsman of

Pink Almond Butter Cups


To share the love, we served up some of our favourite Be Fresh Treats including:  Be Fresh hummuses (the best hummuses), local organic rainbow carrots from Spud, vegan cheese by our resident vegan blogger, and a decadent and rich dessert by Two Daughters Bakeshop

And a massive thank you to our ambassadors, Catherine, Sisley, and Shira, who came and brought the most delicious food!

As a thank you to our ambassadors, each went home with a goodie bag filled with some of our favourite items by TruMarine Collagen, Nextjen Gluten-Free, Naked Snacks, Biota Fermentation, Two Daughters Bakeshop, and GRAIN.

A huge thank you to Jennifer Brott for letting us use her beautiful space!

We missed a few members of our family around the dinner table: Erin Ireland (@erinireland), Mark Groves (@createthelove), Genieve Burley of (@healthinalignment/@genieveyoga), and Jennifer Brott (@myedibleadvice), Carley Mendes (@ohbabynutrition), Chloe Elger (@chloescountertop).

Check out all of our ambassadors on the Spud website.

At Spud, we are always looking to expand our influencer community. If you or anyone in your network is a conscious eater who stands behind localism, organic foods, and sustainability, and wants to hop on board with our mission to fuel our future–let’s chat. Reach out to our Spud Ambassador Program Director, Laura Darcy at

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