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Did you know that SPUD has fundraising partnerships with schools and other non-profits in the Lower Mainland? Our success comes directly from you, our local communities. We are musicians, athletes, artists, sustainability advocates, clowns-in-training, and foodies just like you and your family. We are part of the community, which is why we believe in giving back and being involved.  We want you to join us. We want you to help us build a community.

Is SPUD Fundraising for you?

Whether you’re a sports team, a musical group, a local NGO, a school, or any club that needs to raise money, this fundraising program is for you. We want to offer you the opportunity to raise money for the group of your choice by supporting organic produce.

How does SPUD Fundraising work?

  1. Have anyone who wants to support your group sign up as a SPUD customer.
  2. They can order any produce box listed on the SPUD Fundraising page: (or click to it under the Home tab on
  3. Enter a promo code at checkout to join your fundraising team.
  4. Simply complete the order; it will be delivered to their home or office.
  5. You get 25% of their produce box purchase!

All the produce in our fundraiser is certified organic. We’ve curated eight greatest-hit boxes ranging from $20 to $44—including Fruit through the Week, All Greens, and Best of BC—so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find the best option for you. There is something for everyone!

You can order just once or as often as you like, and every time you do, you automatically contribute 25% to your fundraiser! You can run the fundraiser for as long as you want, and we’ll send you a cheque every month.

We’ll do the work for you.

Sign-up is super quick and easy, and all you have to do is promote the program. We will do the heavy lifting for you–literally! To make things even easier, we’ll send you handouts, posters, and resources to promote the program online. You can also help promote SPUD Fundraising at an existing fundraising event.

The program is new, and we’re always looking for feedback to make improvements. So far, our test groups have raised hundreds of dollars by simply buying and promoting delicious organic produce. We all buy fruits and vegetables every week, so why not support something you really care about by buying organic?

As a bonus, with SPUD Fundraising, you’ll be helping more than just your organization. By supporting organic, you’re also helping farmers, building communities, improving the environment, and enhancing food security.

Questions or need help getting signed up for SPUD Fundraising? Contact Emma at or 604 215 7783 x250.

Community Feedback

Here are some of the feedback we’ve received. We’d also love to hear your experience!

I’ve contributed over $100 to my daughter’s school in just four months by ordering my produce from And it’s delivered! – Sheila, General Gordon Elementary

My competitive curling team raises $175 each month from fruit orders my office places. This simple gesture is keeping my coworkers fueled and healthy while helping my curling team compete to our full advantage. – Trysta, Team Thompson

I just wanted to send a big thanks to everyone at SPUD (please pass on to Rick as well).  The kids (and parents) were so excited to receive SPUD’s apples as they came out of school today.  Lots of people were stopping to look at all the SPUD boxes. – Rachel Garratt, VWS Gift Card Program Coordinator

This week, Alive2Thrive is hosting a wellness retreat for young adults who have faced cancer. SPUD Fundraising helped us buy beautiful organic produce to feed us at the retreat! – Ciera, Alive2Thrive

SPUD is a local business and is proud to be a certified B Corporation, a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental issues.

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