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At SPUD, we know not everybody’s grocery cart looks the same. But regardless of what your particular dietary needs are, we believe you deserve to have access to local and organic groceries, delivered to your door.


Clearly ‘one size fits all’ works about as well for groceries as it does for clothing (that is, not at all). That’s why we have put together three new Starter Kits – a basic one, a gluten-free version, and one designed for vegans. However, we know that people who avoid gluten are not a homogenous group, and neither are people who avoid animal products so these kits are also customizable! Using these three broad categories as jumping off points, you can create a custom kit to suit your own specific diet.


For example, perhaps you are celiac, and can’t have gluten. You can select the gluten-free starter kit. But what if you also don’t like unsweetened almond milk? No problem, you can switch it for rice milk, soy milk, or even hemp milk instead.

Or what if you’re vegan, but you don’t like Gardein Crispy Tenders (what are you crazy? Those are delicious!) Well no worries, you can get Yves veggie ground round, or Gardein Mandarin Crispy Chicken or Fishless Fillets instead. And if black beans aren’t your jam, you can sub in kidney beans, chickpeas, or pinto beans in their place.

Even for those who don’t have any major dietary restriction (rumor has it such people still exist) we have included sub options. If the Silver Hills Big 16 bread is not your first choice, you can have Squirrelly bread instead! Maybe 2% milk just doesn’t work for you. You can select skim, 1%, or homogenized instead. If you don’t love cow’s milk at all, you can choose soy, cashew, coconut, or almond instead. You can even sub out your plain chips for maple bacon, New York cheddar, or yogurt and green onion.


With our new Starter Kits, you can finally get a custom-made kit, specially tailored to your needs and desires.

Shop the new Starter Kits at!


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