Since the 60s, “Disco Inferno” by The Trammps has been the most relatable song of the summer. It’s not because of the timelessness of the track, but rather the annoying friends and family that say “Burn, baby! Burn!” while you suffer from a bad sunburn. Even after all of the preventative measures–lathering sunscreen, staying well hydrated, keeping in the shade–that glowing tan escalates to a sunburn with little to no notice. Don’t tolerate the pain longer than you have to.


Here are 5 effective, natural remedies for a nasty sunburn:


Cold Water

Cool water is a good first attack on sunburn. The water will temporarily relieve the stinging while you prepare other remedies that’ll alleviate the pain and speed up the healing process.



Sweet, sticky, and anti-inflammatory, Honey works as one of the best natural remedies for your flaming sunburn. Honey helps to speed up healing, reduces the likelihood of an infection, and can even relieve pain. Who would’ve thought the golden goodness we spread on our toast growing up was nature’s antibiotic?



Not only does milk remedy the burn from spicy food, it also helps treat sunburns when applied topically. Simply soak a clean washcloth in cold milk until it is well saturated. Then, place the washcloth on the burned area and press it down gently so it sticks. The great thing about milk is that not only will it cool the irritated area, but also because it creates a layer of protein that protects the skin as it heals.


Aloe Vera

If you don’t already have an aloe plant growing on your windowsill, you may want invest in one soon! They’re easy to grow and maintain, and also helps heal sunburn, moisturizes skin and hair, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and even boosts your immune system. When you get a sunburn, break off a thick, juicy leaf, and apply the gel to burnt areas. You’ll notice the redness vanish and any irritation soothed.

Mint & Green Tea

Combining the coolness of mint with the pain-relieving tannic acid found in green tea will surely be your cup of tea. Bring water to a boil and toss in a few mint leaves along with 4-6 green tea bags. Turn off the heat and let the tea sit for an hour. Afterwards, strain the tea and put it in the refrigerator to chill. To apply, saturate a washcloth with the chilled tea and apply to the burnt area.


Next time you’ve been victimized by the glaring sunrays, give these easy remedies a try, and let us know what works best for ya! And, if you read this to find a treatment for your current sunburn, we hope you feel better soon.





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