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Sour milk is the ultimate guilt trip. Maybe you bought extra milk on sale.  Maybe you went away for the weekend.  Maybe you just forgot about that bottle in the back of the fridge.  Either way, now you’ve got a litre of milk about to turn, and you’re faced with pouring it down the drain.




With all the talk about food waste recently, we’re all extra mindful of wanting to do our part to reduce the problem. Don’t throw out that milk, make it into something delicious or useful!  Here are our top options for using up milk.

But first – a safety warning. If milk has curdled due to age, consuming it can make you very sick, and let’s be honest, that’s way worse than wasting some milk. We’re talking about milk that a sour taste, but has not yet curdled, usually up to three days after the expiration date.


Pancakes – they can be made in big batches, with extras frozen for future breakfasts.  Here’s a great fruity variation.


Sour Milk Jam – sounds crazy, but it’s delicious.  Like thickened condensed milk.


Gelato – check out this recipe for a base, but the flavour possibilities are endless!


Make your own cottage cheese! This is a great way to use up milk that is fully sour, as long as it is not ultra-pasteurized.


Have a milk bath, apparently that’s what Cleopatra would do. Pour a cup of milk into your bath water, soak, and emerge with softer, extra smooth skin, thanks to the lactic acids. If you like, add Epsom salts and essential oils for an even more relaxing experience.


Polish silver. If you have both sour milk and tarnished silver, good news! This is the answer to both your problems. Cover tarnished silver with sour milk for at least 1/2 an hour, then wash and dry as usual.


So you see? No need to turf your milk just because it’s not as fresh as it used to be! If you really don’t have the time (or need) for any of these solutions, you can also freeze your milk until you have more time.


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