Did you know that the average North American eats two to three times the amount of meat that one actually needs? The argument that you might not get enough protein from going meatless just doesn’t cut it any more. It’s simply not true, and people know that vegans have ample sources of high-protein foods to choose from.

But maybe you’re not concerned with the lack of protein. Maybe you’re someone who can’t bring yourself to watch a video on the mistreatment of farm animals. Maybe you want to minimize the negative environmental impact. Or maybe you just want to eat healthier.  At the same time, you’re not ready to completely cut meat out of your life. You’re seeking flexibility. There’s an answer to that. The vegan-before-six diet. Really, all you have to do is eat a plant-based diet until 6:00pm every day.

What are the benefits of being vegan before six?

Lower your carbon footprint.

There’s no doubt that being vegan for two-thirds of the day will cut your carbon footprint by a lot. Did you know that a single hamburger patty requires about 660 gallons of water? That’s about two months worth of showers! High-protein vegan foods like tofu and chickpeas take less than half that amount.

Refuel your body.

The emphasis of this no-diet diet is to really nourish your body with healthy, natural, and whole foods. Let’s be honest, a lot of animal products can be overly processed. The vegan part of your day will make sure you’re fuelled with beneficial nutrients to maintain a good energy level.

Maintain a healthy weight.

Eating healthy shouldn’t have to be about losing weight, but if you are concerned about weight affecting your health and lifestyle, then you could definitely benefit from the being vegan-before-six diet. The author, Mark Bittman, of the book VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 to Lose Weight and Restore Your Health…for Good noted that he managed to lose 35 pounds after four months of taking up this diet.

Long-term health benefits.

Mark Bittman also stated that he took up this diet because his doctor told him he had pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, and pre-heart disease. He decided to take up a more plant-based diet, as these foods are often credited for lowering cholesterol, regulating blood pressure, preventing diabetes, and lowering the risk of heart diseases.


Perhaps the most important aspect of this diet for many is the flexibility. Although many restaurants now offer vegan options, there are still times when you’ll end up at a nice eatery after work with some friends with no vegan options. You don’t want to be the only one drinking liquor while everyone else’s eating solids. Don’t let alcohol run your life. Or do. You do you.

The main takeaway of being vegan before six is that you’re nourishing your body and helping the planet in some way yet still retaining the luxury of eating and trying many different types of foods.

Have you tried the vegan-before-six diet? We’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic!

Daniel is a Digital Marketing and Content Strategist at SPUD. He graduated from UBC with a degree in English and International Relations with a focus on environmental topics. A wordsmith by day and a bookman by night, he's a self-proclaimed gastronomic snob, a buck-a-shuck addict, a sub-par skier, and a devoted kingsguard of the oxford comma. He also frequents the dog park with a schnauzer named Duke. | Instagram: @dannnyellow

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