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Vancouver Ambassadors

Become a SPUD Vancouver Ambassador.


Mark Groves

Mark is a Human Connection Specialist – an emotional translator, writer, speaker and coach. Mark had always wondered what separated people with amazing relationships from those who were just average. Why did some relationships maintain bliss for a lifetime, and others… not so much? Why did some people have the ability to leads thousands, and others…

Carley Mendes

Carley Mendes is a Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in naturally nourishing fertility, pregnancy, mama, and baby.As an advocate for women’s health, she started Oh Baby Nutrition and believes that your personal pathto wellness will be as unique as you are. Having her two children has solidified Carley’s devotion to empowering women with the tools necessary…

Chloe Elgar

Describe your Lifestyle. I’m pretty holistic. I am certainly of mind, body and soul.   I love routine and regular practice and I enjoy living in some form of control (knowing where I live, what I will eat and do). I love learning, creating and being driven and productive. Since moving through my eating disorder…

Shira McDermott

Shira McDermott is a Vancouver-based entrepreneur with a focus on food developed from almost 25 years of working in the grocery and foodservice industries. She is the co-founder of GRAIN (Vancouver Magazine’s 2016 Supplier of the Year), a dry goods company focused on supplying restaurants and consumers with premium, 100% traceable dry goods grown by…

Sisley Killiam

Sisley is a health food & lifestyle blogger living in Vancouver, Canada. Through a long battle of digestive and health issues in her teens, Sisley fell in love with cooking healthy, plant-based food. After graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in August 2016, Sisley is now a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She loves creating…

Genieve Burley / @healthinalignment / @genieveyoga @drgenieveburley Describe your Lifestyle. I have a busy little family, my husband Beau, two daughters Rhys and Shyloh, my dog Berkeley, my rescue cat Bodi and my rescue bunny Thumper. We live in east Vancouver and we believe in love, sweat and good food. I am a chiropractor…

Catherine Roscoe Barr

Catherine Roscoe Barr, BSc Neuroscience, is the founder of The Life Delicious, a global wellness coaching practice with international luxury retreats and private clients worldwide via Skype. Catherine is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and coach practitioner, and writes about fitness, food and travel for numerous publications including Montecristo, Canadian Living, WestJet Magazine, BC…

Erin Ireland

Erin Ireland is a passionate food reporter for The Peak Radio, The Rush on Shaw, CTV Morning Live, and her website,, which serves to connect Vancouverites with the best food in the city. Two years ago Erin made the switch to a mainly plant-based diet. She’s found it shockingly easy to dine out on a…

Jennifer Brott

Jennifer Brott Jennifer Brott, RHN A Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and founder of Vancouver-based nutritional consulting firm My Edible Advice, Jennifer’s expertise and practice are rooted in an unwavering commitment: to empower individuals to reach their health and wellness goals by providing them with the tools needed to elevate their nutrition.Jennifer and her brilliant team provide…

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