Diaries: Julia Murray’s Juice Cleanse [Day 1]

Julia Murray is a born and raised Whistlerite, 2010 Ski Cross Olympian, World Champion silver medallist, Jules Fuel breakfast creator, Ski With An Olympian guide, Spud ambassador and is studying to become a holistic nutritionist. She’s a foodie and loves everything to do with being outside.

We got her to try The Juice Box’s new juice cleanse, and here’s her perspective. 


My first juice cleanse ever!

I’ve wanted to get my juice on for a while now, so I thank Spud and The Juice Box for making it so easy for me to do. Ordered, Delivered, Done. No need to think about or spend time on the next 3 days of meals.

I really went for it by choosing to complete … not the ‘Seawall’, not the ‘Chief’, but ‘The Grind’. The most intense, detoxifying, 3 day cleanse that is offered.

I’m writing this on the night of my first juicing journey.

Typically I am a very healthy eater. Let’s just say I’m ‘veganish’ with the odd fish or chicken if I’m at a friends house, or a bite from my boyfriend’s plate.

So, prepping for the cleanse was mainly just eating what I normally eat. Plant-based meals and lots of big salads (wishing I could have one right now.).

What I’ve missed the most ­ is my Jules Fuel. I eat my cereal every morning and really look forward to it, and it makes me feel satisfied and fuelled for the day ahead. Therefore, the first half of my day was definitely the most challenging. Physically, I was hungry. Mentally, I was in a slight daze doing the work I had to do.

But, this passed and I started feeling the sense of accomplishment and self ­control. Hallelujah! I felt like I floated through the rest of the day.

I didn’t hold back on activity. I went to a circuit class and went for a jog with my dog. Derby was beggin’ for it, and slightly confused, maybe annoyed that there wasn’t any action in the kitchen all day… Sorry bud.

The juices are delish and definitely kept my body feeling highly nourished throughout the day. I love the fact that they’re 100% organic. I also drank a lot of water and some herbal tea to keep me warm.

I just love the Turmeric Tonic with all of it’s anti­inflammatory goodness! The Deep Green feels like the healthiest beverage you’ll ever gulp. The Light Green juice is sweeter and an amazingly nutrient­-dense sip of joy.

Day one in a nutshell:­ Exciting, nourished, energized, hungry, in­-a-­daze, accomplished!


If you want to start your cleanse and make your first order through Spud.ca, you can get $20 off just by using Julia’s Promo code: CRVAN-MURJUB


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