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Diaries: Julia Murray’s Juice Cleanse [Day 2]

Julia Murray is a born and raised Whistlerite, 2010 Ski Cross Olympian, World Champion silver medallist, Jules Fuel breakfast creator, Ski With An Olympian guide, SPUD ambassador and is studying to become a holistic nutritionist. She’s a foodie and loves everything to do with being outside.

We got her to try The Juice Box’s new juice cleanse, and here’s her perspective.

[ Day 2 ]

Made it another day!

I have to say- doing a cleanse makes you realize how much time is spent thinking about, preparing, and eating food. I have a lot more space in my mind to think about all of the other stuff in my life I have to think about … like studying and working on Jules Fuel. All though when I walked into a meeting today with the LuLuLemon girls, I was met with a nose-pleasing waft of home cookin’ and I’ll admit, I thought about food a lot while I was breathing in the delicious fumes. But, I powered through!

Even though I’m feeling a bit hazy, and am interrupted by my stomach talking back to me every now and then in hunger chat, I still feel like I’m floating around, living productively, and in control.

Today was similar to day one. Hungry, but nourished and enough energy to go for a beautiful skate ski at Whistler Olympic Park. I’m really trying to keep my days as normal as possible when it comes to physical activity, and so far so good. I do feel more fatigued than usual at the end of a work out though.

Once I have a lip-smacking Juice Box refreshment, I’m ready to go again.

That nutmilk at the end of the day on the ‘Seawall’ cleanse does sound amazing to me right now though…

See you soon day 3!


If you want to start your cleanse and make your first order through, you can get $20 off just by using Julia’s Promo code: CRVAN-MURJUB


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