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Finally the answers- why buy local, organic or free run turkeys.

You’ve got lots of options to consider when you embark on the journey of purchasing your Thanksgiving Day turkey. What is the difference between local and imported? How does organic affect the taste of my bird? What is free run?

We can help you out. Here are our top three reasons to go organic or free run this season.

1. Why buy local?

Buying locally is always a more sustainable food practice. Not only are you supporting local farmers in your community or region, but you are also cutting down on your carbon footprint. The meat you consume travels less distance to reach you and allows your bird to arrive as fresh as possible, using less resources in the transport.

2. What’s so great about organic?

Organic birds are fed a complete diet free of antibiotics or GMO feed. These birds were raised with the purest, nutrient rich diets, making their meat tastier than medicated birds and free of any unnatural hormones or chemicals. Organic turkeys are typically more tender, juicy and overall more delicious.

3. Tell me about free run birds.

Free run turkeys are able to roam the farm. They are not constrained to a small coop or dark barn, allowing the birds to grow in a mentally and physically healthy environment. If buying a bird that was raised in the most humane and ethical way is important to you, purchasing a free run turkey is the best option. Additionally, an open, light and safe environment reduces risk of disease, need for medication and threat of predators.


Check out SPUD’s local, organic and free run birds for this Thanksgiving.

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