Get stoked about Artichokes

This week, we’ve got marinated artichoke hearts on special and there are 5 reasons why we think you should be eating them right about now.


5 reasons why you should eat artichokes during the holiday season (and after):


Digestive enzymes

Let´s face it, we all eat more than we should or need during the holiday season. Due to this, digestive enzymes fly off the shelves at health food stores. Why not add a more natural boost by reaching for artichokes before you indulge in those gravy soaked mashed potatoes?


High in fiber

Not only will they help digest your food, they´ll also help eliminate it!


Boost immune system

Due to the artichoke´s high vitamin C content, your immune system will receive a nice little boost. Perfect for the flu season!


High in anti-oxidants

Artichokes rank number 7 on the USDA’s list of top 20 antioxidant-rich foods. Wowza! Perfect for a time when our consumption of antioxidant rich fruits is reduced.


Liver and Gallbladder

It’s been shown that artichokes stimulate bile production and thus help improve fat digestion. Who has a reduced fat diet during the holidays, raise your hand!? Anybody…?



And because we don’t all know what to do with a jar full of marinated artichoke hearts, I wanted to share this amazing recipe with you:

The Best Spinach-Artichoke Dip Recipe, Hands Down


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