Vancouver – Want to Help Improve your community?

At Spud, we really believe in supporting our local community.  It’s one of the reasons we like to source the products we sell from as close to home as possible, and also why we partner with local organizations that give back to our community.  That’s why we fell in love with the Vancouver Foundation’s Neighbourhood Small Grants Program when one of our Spud staffers brought it to our attention.


The program offers grants of $50 to $500 to groups in central Vancouver to work together on an event, program, or project to enhance their community.   It could be anything – a garden, a workshop, an art project – as long as it creates connections, and strengthens your community.  Here’s what Whitney, a member of Spud’s community development team and the founder of Neighbourhood Roots community garden has to say about the program:


“Three years ago, I was one of many lucky recipients to receive a Neighbourhood Small Grant. The funding provided the necessary catalyst to start a community garden, called Neighbourhood Roots. It’s been a great way to experientially learn about growing food, all the while deepening my connection to a place that is known for being transient. Looking back over the three years, we’ve accomplished a lot – from community parties and potlucks to large scale woodworking projects. We even held a ‘make your own medicine’ workshop, where we crafted our own super healing comfrey salve from the plants we grew in the garden.

I’m now proud to sit on the Resident Advisory Committee, that helps determine projects suitable for funding! It’s so inspiring to see the ideas and solutions our community comes up with, and their commitment to making Vancouver a friendlier and greener city to live in. I want to spread the word to our Spud community, and encourage everyone to apply!”


Neighbourhood Roots Community Garden
We know you have some amazing ideas, so if you want to start a project like this or any other, apply now!  The application is quick and easy, so this is definitely one of the simplest and most effective ways you can leave a mark in your neighbourhood. The deadline to apply this year is April 4th, so you still have time to submit your idea and help make your community more vibrant.
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