Exciting News for Mount Pleasant!

HeyMount Pleasant –  we have a big announcement for you!


We’re giddy with excitement over our new partnership with Organic Acres and we think you will be too! It means that as of now:


  • Customers who live within a 3km radius of the store will now be able to have groceries delivered for free, five days a week


  • Customers anywhere can now place an order for pick up at  Organic Acres (if they like)


Vijay and Elaine, and the rest of the Organic Acres team share our passion for sustainable food and for building a strong community.  Organic Acres has served as a hub of delicious food, local products, and community partnerships and together we want to make sure your neighbourhood stays nourished and happy!


If you haven’t had a chance to check out Organic Acres, pop by for a cold pressed juice from the Juice Box or grab a delicious and healthy Be Fresh salad.


Vijay and Elaine want you to know that they want you to keep having access to the best local, organic, and delicious foods:



Over the past few years, we’ve enjoyed creating a space that has become part the Main Street routine, meeting our neighbors and watching your families grow.


Now as Organic Acres continues to grow, we look forward to doing it with a new partner in Spud.ca, as they share many of the same core values. Our commitment to organic, local and community are also closely held by Spud.ca. We know they will continue to do an amazing job, both in growing and establishing new relationships for years to come.


Teaming up with Spud.ca will give Organic Acres the opportunity to offer our neighbourhood access to a wider variety of fresh, local, organic and prepared foods. We’re pumped for that and hope you will be too, ‘cause y’all can’t ever have too much avocado smash.


Sincere Thanks & Big Hugs!

Vijay, Elaine & The Keepers of the Shop





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