Organic, healthy groceries are coming to you HOLLYBURN PROPERTIES!

Healthy food is in the building! We are so excited to partner with Hollyburn Properties to provide residents with a healthy, convenient, and affordable grocery shopping option. Spud is a local company, our warehouse in East Van, and we focus on selling local products. Our mission is to change the way we think about grocery stores and the way we get our food.


Our business model hinges on our delivery system- deliver fresh, organic, and healthy food and goods to our customers’ doorsteps. We make shopping healthy as easy as possible. For the residents of Hollyburn Properties we deliver right to you. We offer a full grocery store of fresh produce, healthy snacks, cooking and baking ingredients. Anything that can be bought at a brick and mortar grocery store, you can order through us! If we don’t carry a product, your suggestions are taken very seriously (as long as they are legal and don’t contain any of our “banned ingredients”).


Because we deliver your groceries to you, you have more time in your day to exercise, spend valuable time with friends and family, or to cook with those around you! We don’t want you to waste your precious time in lines! Did you know the average Canadian wastes 5 years standing in lines over the course of their lives!? That is crazy.l


Interested in what kind of products we sell? Check out this list of categories:



We also have Meal Kits pre-planned to make shopping even more seamless! Log in to our site and search for “kits” to find an assortment of logically grouped items, just begging you to throw together in a meal. For example, check out our Guacamole Kit, Angus Cheeseburger Kit, and our Tex Mex Night Kit!


We are so stoked to be servicing Hollyburn Properties, we are offering a special deal. For any HP resident, we are giving you $15 off your first FIVE orders above $50! In addition, if you are a first-time Spud user, we are offering you $30 off $60, that’s 50%!


P.S. Please feel free to stop and talk to our delivery people if you happen to run into them! They love to answer questions, chat organics, or just to chat about the weather.

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