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Chloe Elgar

Describe your Lifestyle.

I’m pretty holistic. I am certainly of mind, body and soul.


I love routine and regular practice and I enjoy living in some form of control (knowing where I live, what I will eat and do). I love learning, creating and being driven and productive. Since moving through my eating disorder and becoming a Holistic Nutritionist, natural and plant based food is a non-negotiable for me. I’m all about nourishing and supporting my body with delicious and high-integrity food.


I am also a lover of movement and am crushing lately on spinning (@eastwoodcycle) and yoga (plus hiking with my pup, Ollie in the beautiful BC wilderness). In the same light, I am just as much a fan of rest and time alone- spent in meditation, introspection and ritual.


And most of all, I am emotional. I love emotion. I feel it and live it on a minute-to-minute basis. I am highly sensitive and prioritise emotion and spirit over everything. Nothing makes me more happy than connecting with another soul in this world through deep emotional transference. Going there. I love that. Along with this, I love my people and my community and really spend a lot of my life tending to this relationships with my family and circle.

A day in my life always includes creation (photography, business), ritual (tarot, music, candles, essential oils, holistic skin care), writing, animals, nourishing food, loved ones, movement and rest.

What does SPUD mean to you- what do you love about SPUD?
To me, SPUD is about community. My husband actually asked me this yesterday and my answer to him was: “SPUD is a local grocerer who really focuses on working with and supporting local and sustainable businesses who are in alignment with their company’s mission, vision and values. Not only that, they are committed to developing access to the local networks, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of supporting their community, their bodies and their families.

Top 3 Favourite Go To’s @ SPUD 
Local produce from BC farmers (whatever is in season and local- berries and apples!)

Spread Em’ dips

Matcha and Almond milk


What is your favourite indulgence? / This staple is always in my fridge.

I always have kale to make my favourite Kale Ceaser Salad (recipe in my book, Living in Light). I also always have lemon water, kombucha, frozen bananas and peanut butter.
Define Community. What is your desire for ours?
I would say community is all about the following: access, communication/support, love and education. When all four of those areas are activated and nourished on a daily/weekly basis- you are pretty much guaranteed a happy community.


What do you stand for? What / Who do you support?

The number one for me is compassion. Connecting with compassion on a regular basis and asking yourself if your intention is compassionate and if not, how can you return to it.


There are a lot of answers to this question: plant based/vegan, organic, sustainable, local, biodynamic, holistic—the list goes on. However, for me, all of these are rooted in compassion. And the thing is, all of these also come with a personal and emotional evolution- not everyone is there. And that is ok. So how are you going to stand for what you stand for- without being judgmental and critical of others who might not be there yet? Everyone is on their own journey and no journey is better than or more righteous than another. So if someone isn’t where you are, how can you inspire them- without making them (or trying to make them feel) less than you? That’s what I care about.

Declare: Your Personal Manifesto
Since I started Chloe’s Countertop almost five years ago, my mission, vision and purpose in this world has continued to evolve and refine in terms of its clarity and transparency. Even before working in this space, in moments when I was a young girl living a child’s life- I felt drawn to helping others and taking away their pain. I feel feelings very intensely in my body and experience precise communication when others can’t find the words. This is why I am here. I am here to redirect us all within; our home; our hearts. So whether it’s in my writing, speaking, products, podcasts or experiences- I am committed to working in and connecting to this truth: that we are all from the same source and desire the same thing, love. To practice imperfection and vulnerability and create space for others to feel safe in just that.

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