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Kylie Rencher

“Be Gentle with Yourself, you are doing the best you can.”

Kylie Rencher, a Victoria-area trainer with Fitness on the Go, has a great story that encapsulates what brought her to SPUD and the values that drive her.

“I used to be overweight and lost around 60 pounds when I was 17. I believe that everything should be consumed in moderation. I do not allow myself to feel deprived of any one thing. If I want chocolate, or some popcorn I will have some.”


Facebook: All You Need is a Little Umph

Instagram Handle: @fitness_onthego1

Twitter Handle: @FOTGyyj

Pinterest: FOTG_VanIsland

What’s your favourite indulgence? On my birthday I forget all about being lactose intolerant and indulge in ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! You only live once!

What are the top five items you look for when you grocery shop? Broccoli, Almond Milk, Frozen Blueberries, Apples, Egg whites

What are some of your staple snacks/meals? Hummus and veg is my favourite snack. I love frozen blueberries after dinner. Go-to meals are chicken and roasted veggies, stir fry, and anything in the crockpot.



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