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Mark Groves

Mark is a Human Connection Specialist – an emotional translator, writer, speaker and coach. Mark had always wondered what separated people with amazing relationships from those who were just average. Why did some relationships maintain bliss for a lifetime, and others… not so much? Why did some people have the ability to leads thousands, and others couldn’t even lead themselves? From what he had have seen and experienced, how we connect to others will be the single greatest predictor of success in every facet of our lives. So he set out to discover the secrets of those who thrive in love and life so he could become one. His research became his life, and he lives everything he learns and writes about. Through his work Mark helps people understand their emotional matrix and how to master themselves and their words. His clients range from individuals and couples, to businesses and leaders. He takes what you think you want, finds out what you really want, and gives you the tools to achieve your goals.


Describe your Lifestyle. (ex. Dietary, family needs, fitness / routine support etc.)

I like balance… My life is about cherishing the people in it, treating my body well with fitness, getting outside, and eating the most delicious and healthy foods.


What does SPUD mean to you- what do you love about SPUD?

The rational reason? I love that I can get amazing, healthy, competitively priced foods and groceries to my door. The emotional reason? I love the culture and the people who make up the company. I can buy groceries and food anywhere, but the fact that I can get all of those things AND be surrounded by and support a company and people I love is what makes me loyal to SPUD.


Top 3 Favourite Go To’s @ SPUD 

– Kits Kitchen Soup. Butternut Squash and Ginger Soup.
– Annie’s Mac & Cheese


What is your favourite indulgence? / This staple is always in my fridge.

Kits Kitchen Soup. I LOVE IT! And Avocados.


Define Community. What is your desire for ours?

A safe space to be ourselves. To be able to honour and depend on one another. To be able to create and experience family, maybe and especially when we may never have felt what it’s like to be part of one. To feel the love of what community means… to take care of each other.
My desire for the community of SPUD and BeFresh is to create that space in your locations as well as through the nutritious foods you provide that bring people together.


What do you stand for? What / Who do you support?

I stand for connection and community. I stand for bringing people together and then teaching them how to truly connect.


Declare: Your Personal Manifesto

I am here to help people connect better with themselves, so they can in turn connect better with others. We are on this planet to feel, to love, to share that love, and to feel it all. To live our lives at our maximum potential.



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