Mighty O Donuts

Mighty O donuts are the healthiest donuts in Seattle, and considered by many to be the most progressive donut in the nation. They use certified organic and zero artificial ingredients; the donuts are also impressively cholesterol and dairy free. In a culture where donuts notoriously have the reputation for being junk food, Mighty O’s commitment has raised the standard for what should and what should not go into donuts. Mighty O’s guiding principle of using organic ingredients, while eliminating trans fats, has allowed the growing company to be the exclusive supplier of fresh donuts to health conscious, progressive retailers like Spud.

Mighty O sold its first donut at the U District Street Fair in May of 2000. In January of 2003, they opened their retail café in Wallingford’s Keystone building (2110 N. 55th Street), once home of the popular Honey Bear bakery. The Mighty O bakery and cafe hosts and encourages a wide variety of community involvement ranging from donut donations, school field trips, donut making demo’s, art, music and film shows. Community involvement and concern for what goes into our food are inseparable in Mighty O’s mission to produce and promote organic, clean donuts.

This supplier is located 7 miles from our Seattle warehouse
Seattle, WA



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