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Olsen’s High Country Bison

Olson’s High Country Bison (OHCB) began in 1992 with ther first bison ranch near Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada. They began with just a handful of bison, and as the herd grew, so did the ranches. There are now more than 4000 head of bison on four ranches located in different ecosystems in Western Canada.

Tom Olson runs the High Country Buffalo Ranches. At least, he claims he does. His wife Carolyn and their 10 children would beg to differ. All of the kids have worked on the ranch in one capacity or another. It’s not unusual to see one of the Olson kids walking the fence line along the road as you drive past, or driving the old farm truck back from the fields, or checking the animals before they head in for dinner.

100% natural, free range grass fed, raised in a stress-free environment, free of hormones, chemicals, and antibiotics is the promise that Olson’s delivers.

This supplier is located 313 km from the SPUD Edmonton warehouse.

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