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Pelican Packers, Inc.

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Pelican’s Choice albacore tuna is a delicious seafood rich in fish oils & Omega-3 essential fatty acids. High in protein and no carbohydrates, our canned albacore is all natural. No bleaching, pre-cooking, and no additives. We catch the albacore by trolling 12 barbless hooks (jigs) behind our boat. Our troll fishery is dolphin-safe: no nets. North Pacific albacore tuna are abundant, there is no by-catch problem, and the troll fishery is considered a Sustainable Fishery. Pelican Packers is a very small, fisherman-owned and operated custom seafood micro-cannery in Bellingham, on Puget Sound in Washington State.

This supplier is located 93 miles from our Seattle warehouse
Bellingham, WA

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