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Ruby Red Farms

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Ruby Red Farms is a certified organic grower of blueberries. The farm is family owned and operated by Ivan, Robert, Kira, Nina and many extended family members who have made great contributions to starting our farm.


Ruby Red Farms grew from Ruby’s and Ivan’s deep desire to grow healthy foods based on organic principles of sustainable farming. After many years of research, the perfect location was found and purchased in 1999. A beautiful 20 acre property located on the Saanich Peninsula of Southern Vancouver Island was chosen for the farm. Located in Deep Cove in North Saanich, much of the land had been cleared by an early settler almost 100 years ago and left fallow. During that time, the land built up incredibly rich and fertile soil creating ideal conditions for our organic blueberry farm. The land features a natural thick buffer of trees and brush sheltering the farm land from other properties. Fortunately, there is no intense conventional farm activity near the farm. In fact, one neighbour grows beneficial insects such as ladybugs for sale to other farmers. Some of the “escapees” come to our blueberry bushes to hunt aphids.


Today the farm has almost 12,000 blueberry bushes. Two varieties are grown on the farm, Duke and Reka. Both varieties are excellent berries eaten fresh and frozen for later use. These two varieties have long shelf life, taste great, are excellent for freezing and ideal for eating fresh, baking, or making sauces and jam. Reka is an newly introduced variety from New Zealand and few farms in the Pacific Northwest have planted this variety although it is gaining popularity.


Many of customers tell us that our berries “Are The Best Tasting Berries They Have Ever Tasted”. We are committed to providing you with freshly picked and delicious fruit to enjoy. There are many studies that show that blueberries are one of nature’s healthiest foods. Packed with antioxidants, these high fibre fruit are also known for many other health benefits. We believe in certified organic farming to ensure that each berry is packed with mother nature’s best medicines. Our farm is certified through Pacific Agricultural Certification Society (PACS). Our certification society is not only recognized in Canada but the United States and the United Kingdom as well.


We hope you enjoy our “Blueberries – Good Health in Good Taste”!


Ruby, Ivan, Robert, Kira and Nina


North Saanich, BC (34 km from Victoria warehouse)


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