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Sisley Killiam

Sisley is a health food & lifestyle blogger living in Vancouver, Canada. Through a long battle of digestive and health issues in her teens, Sisley fell in love with cooking healthy, plant-based food. After graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in August 2016, Sisley is now a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She loves creating easy and delicious recipes to share with her readers, has hosted workshops and events at her favourite local restaurants and is a proud SPUD ambassador. Follow along Sisley’s journey by living The Pure Life!

Describe your Lifestyle. 

I am a total and complete health nut! You can often find me whipping up a green smoothie in my kitchen, sweating it out at a hot yoga class or whipping up a batch of gluten free cookies with my family. I aspire to love my lifestyle each and every day, by living a life full of health, adventure and love. Balance is definitely a big thing for me. Plant-based cooking is my passion and the fact that I get to share that with the world every day makes me the happiest girl! Although I am a huge believer of routine (it keeps me grounded) you’ll often find me running around the city trying a new cafe, hiking up in the north shore mountains or on the hunt for the best vegan ice cream in Vancouver. Every day is different!

What does SPUD mean to you – what do you love about SPUD?

SPUD to me means local, fresh and organic.
It means that I can trust my grocery supplier to supply me with good quality products, produce that has been responsibly grown and food made with love. I love that SPUD values all of these things and wants to share that with their community. I love how good food can bring people together, and SPUD has a magical way of making that happen. I really want to help people to fall in love with food again, and working with SPUD has allowed me to explore that even more.

Top 3 Go To’s @ SPUD

Oooh, this is a toughie. I’d say the Juice Box Organic Almond Milk is a must. It makes my smoothies extra creamy. I die over the beautiful Chioggia beets when they are in season – so pretty in a salad! And you can never go wrong with a loaf of Artisan Bakeshoppe bread…my favourite is the Ancient Grains loaf toasted,
topped with mashed avocado and drizzled with raw honey.

What’s your fav indulgence / this staple is always in my fridge:

Is it cliche to say dark chocolate? We are huge snackers, so you can always find a good bag of veggie or multigrain chips in the house. Also, pickles. Did I mention I love food?

Define Community. What do you desire for ours?

Community supports one another – it is a safety net for when you need it most. Community inspires
one another – it allows each individual to use their strengths to better themselves and their neighbours. Community is just a big space for a whole lotta love!
I personally love being part of the SPUD community because it is a space for us to explore and share our love for food and cooking, no matter how busy your lifestyle, as well as supporting our local and organic farmers. The food community is something I’m really proud to be a part of.

What do you stand for? Who / What do you support?

Health and happiness.
My blog, The Pure Life, stands for living just that, a pure lifestyle filled with delicious plant-based food, natural living and holistic practices. I want to inspire all of the other young women out there who are struggling with their diet and how to fit it into their current lifestyle. I want to show you how easy it is to eat an allergen-friendly plant-based diet that is not only nutritious but delicious and affordable, which can be really tricky in a world loaded with fad diets, tips and tricks.

Declare your Personal Manifesto:

I love to go by these simple words: Love your lifestyle.

This can mean many different things for many different people, but mine specifically centres around eating fresh food, loving your body and treating yourself with respect. A commitment to loving your lifestyle is the best thing you can do for yourself and for others!

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