Sunrise Soya Foods

The Sunrise legacy began in 1956 when Leslie Joe and his wife Susan began making and selling blocks of tofu outside of their “Sunrise Market” in Vancouver, BC. Keeping with this tradition, the Joe family continues to run their Sunrise Market on Powell St. where it first began. They also supply quality soy food to over 1500 retail stores across Canada and distribute their products throughout Asia and the US.

Their organic Mandarin Organic Pressed Tofu, made with organic soybeans, is a source of iron and contains omega 3 & 6. It has a firm and meaty texture, and is made by pressing out excess moisture from the bean curd. It has less water content than Firm and Extra Firm varieties. It works well cubed, sliced or diced into stirfries, stews and casseroles.

Vancouver,  BC  (121 km from Victoria warehouse)

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