TJ Sadler

TJ Sadler is a fitness, wellness, and food enthusiast! He believes that especially when training four to five times per week, diet becomes just as important as exercise to reach optimal fitness. As Editor for YEG Fitness, TJ is able to showcase all things wellness and fitness in the Edmonton area and promote all the great things happening in the YEG area. Beyond his professional life, TJ makes sure to prioritize healthy choices for his family whenever possible: “I care about what my family eats and try to encourage them to make smart healthy choices. My daughter is coming around. Still trying to work on my 9 year old. His favourite food is apples, mind you, so I think I’m doing an ok job.”


Facebook Page: YEG Fitness

Instagram Handle: @yegfitness

Twitter Handle: @yegfit

What’s your favourite indulgence? Potato chips. They’re my drug, but generally I eat very healthy.

What are the top five items you look for when you grocery shop? organic dairy, eggs, meat, fresh organic fruit and vegetables

What are some of your staple snacks/meals? Pasta, lots of veg and fruit, and a variety of meat. I eat anything and everything if it’s healthy. I love food and have no aversions to anything.

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