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Tutti Frutti Farms

[blox_row][blox_column width=”1/1″][blox_text title=”Tutti Frutti Farms” animation=”none”] In 1988, fifth generation farmer Chris Cadwell took over his family’s remaining undeveloped fourteen acres of hillside property overlooking the Pacific Ocean’s Channel Islands in Carpinteria, California. Since 1850, no Cadwell had a desire to work the steep piece of property until Chris, his wife Cornelia, and their five children began cultivating it for organic garlic. They decided on the farm’s name, “Tutti Frutti”, Italian for “All Fruits” and have continued growing organic produce for the coastal communities of Southern California since. Now on more than 200 acres in Northern Santa Barbara County, plus the original fourteen acres in Carpinteria, Tutti Frutti Farms grows organic produce year-round. The farm produces a variety of heirloom tomatoes – like the Cherokee purple and marvel stripe, peppers – like the corno di torro, and snap, snow and English peas.

This supplier is located 325 miles from our San Francisco warehouse
Carpinteria, CA

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