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West Wind Farm

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West Wind Farm grows specialty produce on a 15 acre heritage farm on a sunny escarpment west of Duncan. The farm prides itself on low carbon input with minimal machine use; a high-wheel push cultivator and dual-action stirrup hoe being the tools of choice after initial tilling. With a manageable 6-8000’ of planting row, everything can be hand-grown and harvested. The prevailing west wind brings in clean air and irrigation is from an artesian spring well.

Wendy and Darren Montana, long time Salt Spring Islanders with horticultural and farming backgrounds, moved to the Cowichan Valley in 2002 to buy a larger acreage with farming in mind and has moved from selling at Farmers Markets in Victoria and Duncan into growing for the wholesale market, including spud in 2008. The farm is organic, non-certified, on a Farmers’ Pledge with spud, stating its practices and inputs. Gourmands unite! For the love of food.

Duncan, BC (65 km from Victoria warehouse)

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