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Keep it cool outside

Now that the weather’s getting nice, it’s a great time to go outside and play! Keep yourself healthy with the following tips from Cultures for Health for staying cool and hydrated in the sunshine.

Don’t get caught out in the heat without adequate water. Make a habit of taking a water bottle with you wherever you go, and you’ll never run out.

Water’s great for hydration, but we don’t want you to get bored! Try coconut water, smoothies, juice, tea, and even cool summer soups as more interesting alternatives. Bonus: these liquids contain electrolytes.

What you eat can keep you hydrated too. Besides watermelon, the classic summer fruit, you’ll do well to up your fruit and veggie consumption when it’s hot.

Summer is the perfect time for sweet frozen treats. We love a combo of coconut milk, your favourite fruits, and a touch of sweetener.

If you find yourself thirsty and exhausted in the heat more often than not, you might need to drink more liquid earlier in the day. Set reminders in your calendar or smartphone, and then just do what you’re told! Another option: get your friend or coworker in on the challenge, so that you can remind each other to drink up.


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