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Vendor Highlight: NICE VICE vegan ice cream in compostable packaging!

Have you guys heard about the new creamery on the block: Nice Vice? We are so proud to sell Nice Vice ice cream in Vancouver and at our Be Fresh Cafe, that we want to share with you, what Nice Vice shared with us.

This is why we <3 them:

Nice Vice is Vancouver’s first ever 0% dairy, plant-based micro creamery. All of our ingredients are environmentally friendly, organic, and dairy, soy, allergen, GMO, and cholesterol-free. Because our eco-footprint is much smaller when we eat vice cream compared to the ecological and ethical damage caused by the means of bringing dairy products to market, it’s also guilt-free.

Our compostable packaging is made from recycled, organic, non-GMO materials, because at Nice Vice, it’s all about enjoying a well-deserved and delicious treat, while knowing that your choice contributes to environmental sustainability.

How cool is that?!



Thanks Jennifer and Chris from Nice Vice for providing this lovely information and the images!

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