This Week’s Top 10 #LetsNotWaste Posts

#letsnotwaste 2016: This year, we decided to skip the jiffy pots and move on to egg cartons for our seedlings. Saving the wallet and the environment at the same time… Gotta love those win-win situations! ?


Don’t toss your winter squash seeds! Scoop ’em out, clean ’em off and season to taste. Bake at 300 for 10-15 minutes, or until dry. They make a great snack! #letsnotwaste


My kids bring organic waste home from school lunches for composting. #letsnotwaste


Making some pledges to myself for 2016. One is more car-free days. I’ve been inspired to do this by the CEO, Peter Van Stolk of the company I buy my groceries from! @Spuddelivers Small changes can make a big difference in reducing my families cost on the environment. This was a beautiful afternoon trail walk right from our doorstep.


Buying veg in a bag? Slide a piece of paper towel in after you’ve opened the bag. Things will last longer. #letsnotwaste


Bags of “salvaged” turkey meat for stirfry or salad, after making #bonebroth #letsnotwaste


I know, I know…major geek but I love the sights and sounds of #baking. I know the #crisp is done when it gets to bubbling like this. Using up leftover sad fruit, #apples the kids won’t eat and freezer-burnt #rhubarb. #dessert tonight and #breakfast tomorrow. #letsnotwaste


Best thing about buying full organic chickens is making soup with the bones /today I’m making a little bone broth I use 3 chicken carcasses, 2 tbsp of Bragg apple cider vinegar to draw the minerals out of the bones – I fill a large crock pot with filtered water and slow cook for 12 hours – I don’t do it much longer than that as I find the taste strong when cooked longer – this glorious liquid is super gut healing #bonebroth #eatclean #letsnotwaste


We had some less-than-fresh carrots in the fridge. Not great for eating raw but perfect for muffins! #letsnotwaste


I freeze my veg scraps and use them later to make veggie stock. #letsnotwaste



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