We donate our extra food to Quest Food Exchange!

At Spud we are dedicated to limiting our food waste, so we partnered with Quest Food Exchange in 2014 to redistribute our untouched, extra goods. Quest Food Exchange is a not-for-profit grocery store that redistributes excess food to individuals and families in the Lower Mainland who cannot afford retail prices. In 2015 Quest registered 215,000 customer visits. Their reach is increasing exponentially yearly. They now supply more individuals with healthy, nutritious foods, and redistributing millions of dollars worth of perfectly good food annually.

Quest redistributed $8,701,058 in food and products and rescued 870,105 lbs. of quality food and products in 2015. Through redistribution they successfully prevented 620,000 lbs. of carbon emissions to enter the earth’s atmosphere from food decomposition. Quest Food Exchange is an innovative program that gives a second life to unused food from grocery stores, and allows people who typically couldn’t shop at grocery stores to do so for a fraction of the regular price. It is an incredible social service model that attempts to solve both the problems of food waste, and food insecurity.

At Spud we are conscious leaders of diminishing food waste in Canada. Although Spud has the lowest food waste of any grocer in Canada, when we do have excess produce, we donate it to Quest. Over the last year and a half Spud donated over $170,000 in organic produce . This produce not only finds new purpose, but also feeds those in the Lower Mainland who otherwise would not have access to local, organic, non-GMO food items.

We are proud of our partnership with Quest, we are proud of our efficiency in preventing food waste, and we are proud to support our local community.

Visit the Quest site to see how you can help out today!


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